Woke-Free FAQs

What is “woke?”

“Woke” has a number of definitions depending on who you ask.  For many liberal progressives,  “woke” is simply an ideological term used to congratulate one another on their political correctness and social justice activism.
Many conservatives use the term to identify leftist efforts to inject extreme progressive ideologies into all aspects of culture,  to rewrite history,  and to reshape society to serve their liberal policies.

(Personally, we like Mat Walsh's succinct definition of "Woke."

Boiled down,  wokeness is vehemently enforced adherence to a very narrow ideology,  and any who object or offer an alternative perspective are mocked,  ridiculed,  banned,  or worse. 

From an author's POV (point of view),  that type of idea suppression only leads to conformity and unoriginality—which in turn leads to trite, formulaic, unintelligent, uncreative, emotionless drivel that can only be classified as propaganda. Here at Ishkabibble Books, our primary purpose is to publish entertaining, thought-provoking novels that will inspire readers to think for themselves.

What does “Woke-free Reads” mean?

Woke-free Reads is a promise to provide content that focuses on captivating characters,  heart-pounding plots,  and compelling storytelling—free from progressive propaganda and the liberal virtue-signaling,  feelings-first agenda.
In our books there will be:  No token woke characters,  no alternative relationships,  no SJW concepts subtly (or blatantly) slipped in,  and no sexual content in books for kids and teens. 

Bottom line:  If you need trigger warnings or sensitivity readers to pre-approve the content you consume,  then we are not the publisher for you.

Does “woke-free” mean “anti-woke?”

That depends on your definition of “anti-woke.”  Our definition of anti-woke is one that draws attention to wokeness,  then decries it,  or is pointedly the opposite of woke.  In our books,  the woke ideology simply does not exist,  and is therefore never addressed.

However,  if your definition of “anti-woke” is anything that celebrates traditional values,  freedom,  patriotism,  independence,  personal responsibility,  and other conservative concepts,  then yes,  you might regard our books as “anti-woke.”
Are all of your books classified as “conservative?”

No.  Our focus is on captivating storytelling, not on hot button topics or crafting counterpoints to combat progressive propaganda.  So our compelling characters,  breathtaking settings,  and heart-pounding plots are the stars of our stories, not conservatism.  We aim to offer readers a woke-free breath of fresh air to counter woke culture and provide an entertaining escape from the deliberately manipulative multimedia that's absolutely everywhere these days. 

Our books are best defined as conservative-friendly.  While some of our books do celebrate classic Americana and traditional values,  especially those by young adult author C.B. Arche,  the majority of our books are purely fictional fun for all—minus any wokeness.