About the Publisher

"I want my two dollars!"

That's what I'm going to say the next time I see Ben Affleck. (Not that I ever will...)

Why? Because he really did borrow two dollars in quarters from my sister and I to play pool on pay tables at a mixer event for his inaugural Project Greenlight Screenwriting Competition. 

Aaaannnd this phrase is an inside joke in our family,   inspired by the  ‘80s cult classic film “Better Off Dead.” (Honestly,   we never want to be paid back so we can keep making this pop culture joke!)

So,  why am I leading off my bio with this delightful little anecdote?  Because it hits at the heart of why I’ve founded Ishkabibble Books.  My relationships with family and friends are invigorated and strengthened by exchanging quotes and quips from the likes of “The Princess Bride,”  “Friends,”  “The Breakfast Club,”  “The Office,” and more.

But future generations are being deprived of content to bond over—because the primary purpose of most modern-day entertainment is to preach and indoctrinate rather than entertain.  Just like comedy,  pop culture is dead due to the relentless onslaught of progressive propaganda.  And when agenda trumps entertainment, that in turn makes most modern books,  shows,  and movies simply un-quotable.

(Seriously,  go look up top quotes from recent movies and you’ll see listicles are reduced to hitting their word count quotas by including lame lines like “All I see is you,”—which is so generic I’m betting you can’t guess which movie* it’s from…)
I founded Ishkabibble Books to change all that.  We put entertaining audiences first again by excising the woke agenda and by concentrating on publishing novels filled with captivating characters who engage in compelling adventures that readers will want to reread, rehash, and hopefully quip and quote to their hearts’ content.

Thanks for reading!

Christine Bartsch 
Publisher – Ishkabibble Books