Why Ishkabibble?

Why Ishkabibble?
Long story short: I chose to call my company Ishkabibble Books in honor of my late mother's high school nickname,  "Isha," which was inspired by the phrase "Ish Ka Bibble,"  which means "I should worry,"  or "Don't worry!" 

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The Long Story...

My mother,  Monalea Haag (Bartsch),  gained her high school nickname thanks to her two older brothers. 

My Uncle Gary has a very calm,  laid-back,  carefree personality that inspired his classmates to call him "Ish" after the famous, 1940s, devil-may-care novelty singer and band leader known as Ish Kabibble. 

Once my Uncle Keith (Gary's younger brother) entered high school,   their classmates took to calling Gary,  "Big Ish" and Keith,  "Little Ish." When their little sister (my mother) joined them,  those classmates naturally decided to call her "Isha."  

So, what's the origin of Ishkabibble?

Some believe that "Ish Ka bibble" is a Yiddish phrase,  but in reality it's a nonsense word that originated in a comedic song released in 1913 called "Isch Ga-Bibble," also known as "I Should Worry," a sentiment echoed in its refrain: "I never care or worry,  Ish ga-bibble." Listen to an instrumental version of the song here.
My mom's original "Isha" hat from high school.

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