About Ishkabibble Books

Books.  Movies.  Commercials.  Classrooms.  TV shows.  The news.  Online.  In the workplace.  In recent years,  an aggressive progressive agenda has infiltrated every aspect of our lives—despite the fact that this content represents only a slim subculture of the population. 

The more this preachy propaganda seeps into absolutely everything (whether subtly or with a sledgehammer),  the more I find myself hopping into a multimedia time machine,  rereading all the books I loved in my younger days and endlessly rewatching favorite pre-2000s TV shows and movies. 

That’s not so surprising,  given that I’ve always been a retro devotee,  but I found myself wondering: How do other people get a break from the constant inundation of progressive indoctrination?

Unless they’re old-school enthusiasts like me,  the answer is:  They don’t.

I established Ishkabibble Books with a goal of providing readers with new content to consume—free from the worry that some woke propaganda might pop up out of nowhere (often inorganically) to ruin a perfectly good story. 

Whether you're fascinated by  young adult fantasies,  passionate about romances,  or dying for mysteries, Ishkabibble Books is the go-to place to find Woke-Free Reads.

Thanks for reading!

Christine Bartsch 
Publisher – Ishkabibble Books